Chic Chocs Spring Fling

FasterSkierMay 1, 2004

About three years ago, members of the racing team made a trip to the Chic Choc Mountains, in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec for some spring skiing. We piled 5 people and all our gear into a rusty old car and kept our fingers crossed for the 12 hr. drive from Ottawa.

Interestingly enough, the transmission that replaced the one we managed to ruin on that trip, belonging to my parents’ 1990 Mercury wagon, has kept the car going to this date. My dad says it will continue to do so for at least another three years. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

In any case, when we planned our trip this year, we thought it was best to leave nothing to chance, so we rented a 15 passenger van. Very well equipped, except in terms of tires, which could be described as being about as bald as the scalp of Yule Brynner. Yes, even the road into the parking lot was too steep for the “quality all-season radials” of a nameless and shameless rental agency.


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