Krister Skjeldal’s Wedding Guests In Time-Trial On Wedding Day

FasterSkierMay 17, 2004

Krister Skjeldal is getting married on May 22. His wedding guests asked for a time-trial in the morning of the wedding day. We have to add that a large number of the guests are not the average hobby skiers or joggers, but include dozens of international elite racers from the past 15 years.

One champion after another will be on the starting line: Vegard Ulvang, Bjorn Daehlie, Pal Gunnar Mikkelsplass, Erling Jevne, Sture Sivertsen, Odd Bjorn Hjelmseth, Anders Aukland and Frode Estil, just to name a few is ready to beat up on each other

Skjeldal has made the course profile as tough as possible and hill-climb is probably a better word for the event.

– It’s going to be a part of the celebration, but also a good opportunity for regular people from my hometown to see if they can keep up with the old ski stars. We have therefore made the race open to anybody, says Skjeldal. 

Skjeldal is the organizer but also a race participant.

What’s your future wife saying to your desire about racing on the wedding day?

– It’s OK with her. She thinks it’s good that I can burn some energy, since it might make it possible for me to calm down and sit still for a while during the evening dinner that way, said Kristen     


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