More Altitude Camps For The Norwegian National Team

FasterSkierMay 16, 2004

The focus on more altitude training toward the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy started already last season for the Norwegian national teams. They are making additional adjustments this year.

The 2006 Olympics is an “altitude event” and correct altitude training will be of utmost importance for the skiers results. Norway has relatively young skiers on their team and the reason for the high number of skiers sent to altitude camps last season was to (among others) make the young skiers used to training altitude training. The teams are taking another step this season with additional altitude camp-days, but also with some changes from last season. The first on-snow camp last season was in Tignes, France in June. This camp is removed and the first altitude camp for the men’s team will (this season) be in Stelvio, Italy at the end of August and beginning of September.

-We are choosing to train at sea-level until the end of August and the reason for this is that we can get better overall quality (at sea-level), says national team men’s coach Krister Sorgard.

You have to train easier (lower k/hour) at altitude than at sea-level and Soregard is prioritizing harder training during the summer than what he feels could be done at altitude. Another difference from last year is that this season’s altitude camps before the season start are longer in duration (than last year’s).

-The changes are made with background in previous year’s experiences. We are also trying to add the effect of altitude training that you can get from camps that last for more than sixteen days, says Sorgard.

Some of last years altitude camps lasted less than two weeks and there are mixed opinions about the benefits and effect of these “short” camps. The coaches are now using a camp length of 18 to 21 days which has been proven to be successful for the (Norwegian) teams ahead of big championships in the past.

The will be more altitude camps during the season this year as well. Those who qualifies to December and January World Cup races will do altitude camps prior to this. The last camp before Oberstdorf Worlds will be at Seiser Alm, also at altitude.

Camp Schedules

Men Elite
24-29.  May Klekken
11-17. June Sognefjellet  — On-snow camp
26.       June Kragerœ — on-snow ski race
2-7.      August Halden – dryland
24-31.  August Stelvio
1-10.    September  Livignio
9-29.    October Val Senales
6-10.    November Gålå
11-14. November Beito
18-21. November WC Østersund
25-27. November WC Kuusamo

Sprint Elite
24-28. May Klekken
10-17. June Sognefjellet — on-snow
26. June Kragerœ — on-snow ski race
27. 6- 1.7 Vennesla  
28.-31 July Isfjorden  
9-15. August Kvitfjell — on-snow
25.8- 1.9 Diablerets
2-10 September Livignio
24.-27. September Meråker  
3-20. October Val Senales
21-24. October WC Dusseldorf
2-8. November Gålå
11-14. November Beito
25.11-1.12 Davos/Engadin

Women elite
22-28. Mai Klekken
6-10. June Oppdal  
20-25. June Vennesla  
26. June Kragerœ — on-snow ski race
9-15. August Kvitfjell
23- 31. August Seiser Alm
1-10. September Livignio
21-24. September Meråker  
2-20. October Val Senales
21-24. October WC Düsseldorf
2-10. November Gålå
11-14. November Beito
18-21. November WC Østersund
25-28. November WC Kuusamo


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