TrainingMore Resources And Better Conditions For The Norwegian Long Distance Team

FasterSkierMay 2, 2004

The Norwegian long distance cross country team is moving ahead toward next season with more resources, better financial conditions and new popularity.

The popularity of long distance cross-country skiing increased significantly in Norway last season. Anders Aukland’s popularity has almost reached hero status following his victories in the “live on television” Marcialonga and Vasaloppet races.

“Some of the races in the marathon cup will be used as qualification races for the next races. This makes it possible for other races to qualify,” said Aabol.

Will Hallingstad and Aukland have a “captain” status as we see in cycling?

“Each skier will race as an individual in all races except for Marcialonga and Vasaloppet where a tactical strategy will be considered,” said Aabol

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