TrainingPart 2 – Fine Tuning

FasterSkierMay 23, 2004

Fine Tuning of technique demands a specific methodological approach. We would like to demonstrate that by looking at the example of upper body work and arm movements during the technique “V1 skate”. Specific movement analyses and skilled exercises lead towards perfection of technique.

The initial position represents a decisive stage of “V1 skate”. The proper initial position is characterized by its completed weight shift. This is the prerequisite for an ideal push-off and even more so for an efficient pole plant and upper body work during the pole stroke.

“And Down” is the motto which means:

  • Set your ski flat or slightly edged outside on the snow below your center of mass.
  • Transfer your center of mass on the leg (ski) and bring your weight down on the dominant pole (feel how your muscles prepare for work). Your nose, hip, knee, and ankle are in one line (picture 1/6 — front view).
  • Keep your shoulder and hip axis parallel to the ground and stabilize properly.
  • Note that you are in a central position (picture 1/6 — side view: center of mass perpendicular above the leg, upper body position parallel to lower leg; stand on your whole foot).

The crucial elements of poling and upper body work (DS/NDS) in connection with the proper weight transfer can be improved and sensitized with specific exercises (

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