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FasterSkierMay 19, 2004

TorbjornSport Press Release – May 19, 2004

TorbjornSport ( < ) is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive North American distributor of the revolutionary 'Perfect Skating' CD-ROM.

Perfect Skating is the next generation learning tool for cross
country ski technique. One of the greatest advantages of the CD-ROM
is that its users can easily navigate through the menus of the different
aspects of skating techniques and technical training. You can design
your own individual training program!

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“…in order to achieve high quality in technical training, athletes have
to concentrate, adapt individually, and use a lot of creativity. Perfect skating
offers a valuable medium, which I highly recommend to every cross country skiing

Tor Arne Hetland, Norway

“… (the CD) represents a milestone in the era of multi-media learning
based on an elaborate didactic concept, excellent texts, pictures and videos…
All in all, Perfect Skating is a highly attractive and innovative example of
new ways of learning in the field of sports and can be truly recommended to
everyone interested in cross country skiing.”

Univ.-Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. Joachim Mester, Sporthochschule Köln, Germany

“…the CD presents an updated view of the techniques; we believe that
it will be of significant value for the further development of cross country

Jan Hoff, professor, PhD University of Trondheim
Jan Helgerud, professor, PhD University of Trondheim
(former head coach of cross country skiing, Norwegian Ski Association)

“As the coaches of Swiss-Ski, we highly recommend Perfect Skating and
believe that it is the best product currently available on the market.”

Speaking for the Swiss coaches: Erwin Lauber

“… the CD is unique as far as contents, didactics, and methodology are
concerned. It is a valuable tool for skiers of all levels.”

Dr. Rudolf Stadler, Sport Science department, University of Salzburg

“Congratulations for Perfect Skating! Everyone interested in cross country
skiing should have the CD…”

Günther Chromecek, head coach Nordic combined, Austrian Ski Association

“I totally agree with my coach: Congratulations to your CD; people, who
like skating, will be amazed…”

Felix Gottwald, Austria, Olympic medallist Nordic combined

“I have searched for something like this for many years. Now, I can highly
recommend Perfect Skating to all skiers and coaches who are interested in improving
their own or their athletes' skating techniques.”

Erik Svensson, coach at Mora skiing high school, Sweden

“…illustrative and easy to use, you can quickly navigate between the
chapters and improve your movement competence. Beginners and experts find valuable
information that adds to their experiences and improves their technical skills…”

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Schwirtz, University of Munich, Sport science department

“…teaching aid of the future…”

Erich Sterchi, Swiss Ski coach, head of J+S, Magglingen

“…a perfect example of theory-guided learning, …contains a great variety
of exercises for practice…”

Univ.Prof.Dr. Werner Nachbauer, Sport science department University
of Innsbruck, Movement science and coaching science.

“In my profession, I use perfect skating for educational purposes to show
coaches of all levels efficient ways of training technique.”

Krister Andersson, instructor of the Swedish Ski Federation

“The collection of exercises is based on modern theories of learning…
it is easy to use, clearly structured, and offers a lot for every cross-country
skiing enthusiast.”

Mag. Werner Kandolf, head of BAfL Innsbruck

TorbjornSport is the exclusive importer of Perfect Skating
for USA and Canada. Retailers interested in selling Perfect Skating
should contact TorbjornSport.

The CD-ROM contains SONY's SECUROM system, which prevents unauthorized

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