Bjonviken Continuing On His Own

FasterSkierJune 6, 2004

On April 27th we posted an article on about Norwegian skier Tore Bjonviken,, he had placed 7th in a World Cup race this season, but was despite this kicked off the team. His future as a ski racer was at that point uncertain and “up in the air”. Bjonviken has now been able to drum up enough support to be able to continue racing on his own. )

– This situation has made it possible to do things quite different from what I have done in the past. It’s not for sure that the way I was training enhanced “the talent to the maximum”. I’m going to change my training by training less volume and increase the quality.

Tore will focus on training in the area he lives and do several local camps with skiers from his club. He will only do one altitude camp in central Europe this fall. He is not convinced that the National Team’s focus on altitude last season was “only” positive.

– We spent lots of time at altitude last year, and this requires lots of easy training. I felt that I was lacking enough workouts with higher speed and effort. I’m now dropping the altitude training and increasing the number of tougher workouts. My goal is to make the World Championship team and ski fast in Oberstdorf. You don’t need altitude training to do that. I also want to make the national team ahead of the 2005-06 Olympic season, where altitude training will be decisive.

The Aukland brothers and Jens Arne Svartedal are living in the same area as Tore. This should give him some good training partners and make the hard sessions “quality oriented”.

Tore knows that he need to lift himself to the next level if he is going to succeed.

– Even with training less volume I need to plan my days wisely in order to achieve enough rest and recovery between training, work and other tasks.


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