No Way Is Cross Country Skiing Only The World’s 31st Toughest Sport – XC Skiing Should Be #1 And Texas Hold’em #2!

FasterSkierJune 18, 2004

Many of’s readers reacted to ESPN’s list of the World’s toughest sports published of Fasterskier last week (
We received comment like: “they don’t know what XC skiing is”, “what a joke” and “lets vote on that”. We are for that reason inviting our readers to email us their suggestion for a top-ten list and to tell us where XC skiing, Biathlon and Nordic Combined should fit in (if not on the top ten list) when you compare to the 60 sports listed on ESPN’s list. (Some comments or reasons for your list are appreciated. We’ll publish the summaries of our reader’s best ideas shortly .

Please read the article and go to the ESPN link before you send us your proposed list.
Here is my suggestion as an example to get you going (as always, the views expressed in our articles are the sole opinions of the author and does not represent the views of other staff members or our advertisers):

1. Cross Country Skiing
2. Texas Hold’em (poker)
3. Running (800 to 3000 meter)
4. Running (5000 meter and up)
5. Biathlon skiing
6. Cycling
7. Soccer
8. Basketball
9. All Star Pro Wrestling
10. Boogie Board Surfing


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