330 Km Rollerski In Four Days

FasterSkierJuly 29, 2004

The American Birkie race is a little longer than 50-kilometers. Here is an article about two skiers that rollerskied a distance longer than six 50-kilometer marathon races in four days.

Havard Skorstad and Sjur Borsheim, Norway recently rollerskied from Oslo to Ulvik.

– I’m not interested in skiing back and fourth on a 5 kilometer long road when I’m doing long workouts. I need new challenges said Havard Skorstad.

Skorstad converted from regular skier to long distance skier following last season and is now getting ready for this winters big challenges.

He recently tired of using the same old roads and decided to “get out of town” by rollerskiing from Oslo, where he now lives to his training partner, Sjur Borsheim’s hometown Ulvik.

They prepared for the mega trip by putting in some four hour long rollerski sessions. This was no problem and they felt ready for their Tour de France-inspired adventure.
330-kilometer in four days

The first day went from Oslo to Kongsberg — 5.5 hours

The second day from Kongsberg to Uvedal — 105 kilometers in five hours and forty minutes.

–  We had head-wind most of the way and skied 30 minutes in the front each before switching. The front skier did not say much and the pace was hard, said Skorstad

The third day went from Uvedal to Haugastol — 4 hours

The fourth day went from Haugastol to Ulvik — 4 + hours.

A support car was used and all workouts were done as classic technique on classic rollerskis. None of the skiers reported any serious problems after the four days

Side-note: the longest rollerski session of the year among the Norwegian national team members is by Anders Hallingstad. He skied 120 kilometer one day in 7+ hours.


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