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FasterSkierJuly 14, 2004

Participants that hadn’t followed’s recent discussion of modern intensity training got surprised at the June 10-13’s training camp in Park City, Utah. The camp schedule for last week’s training camp started with a high intensity rollerski intervals including lactate testing and video filming on Thursday morning at 9.00 AM.

We didn’t call the June an intense rollerski camp, but we could have. Five rollerski workouts, including interval, distance, technique (both classical and skate), and a speed and tactical skill lesson. Other agenda items included on-foot ski imitation and core strength sessions. In addition we added two training talks and three video-review classroom sessions.

Don’t miss the September Fasterskier Camp. Send us an email if you need camp info.
Here’s a summary of the June camp’s program:

FasterSkier Cross-Country Training Camp
June 10 – 13, 2004
Park City/Heber Valley, Utah

Focus of camp:
1) Understanding fundamentals of capacity training
2) Understanding and using proper training zones
3) Proper training methods and training focus during summer months


June 10 Thursday

8:30 Camp intro Review of program
9:00 Leave for Intervals Roller ski(skate)
– Capacity intervals with lactate measurements
– Short technique session with video
14:30 Video technique review
15:30 Run w/ ski imitation drills

June 11 Friday
8:30 Technique Roller ski(Classic) – Modern double-pole technique/Kick-double-pole
14:30 Video Technique review
15:30 Technique Roller ski(Skate) – Modern Skate techniques & drills

June 12 Saturday
8:30 Interval – Running & bounding – Capacity intervals & lactate testing
14:00 Training talk
15:30 Speed Roller ski – Methods for speed training etc.
18:30 Dinner – At Torbjorn’s house w/ chef DB

June 13 Sunday
8:30 Distance Roller ski (skate)- Distance with technique focus and lactate measurements
13:00 Core strength

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