Junior Coach Says Multiple Sport Are Fine

FasterSkierJuly 28, 2004

Norwegian junior national team coach Jon Arne Schjetne is feeling fine about coaching skiers involved in multiple sports at a high level. He currently has two skiers on the team that are also on other sports junior national teams. Marte Elden ( www.fasterskier.com/news.php?id=1270 ) is on the track team and Betty-Ann Nilsen ( www.fasterskier.com/news.php?id=1273 ) is involved with the orienteering team.

Competing in these summer sports makes it impossible for the two athletes to participate at all the cross county skiing camps, but the national team coach have no problems letting the talented girls do as they wish.

– I have no problem with this. It gives them a good all-around muscle development, which can be good in the long run, says Schjetne.

You don’t have a problem with them not being at the camps?

No, I want them to make as many camps as possible, but I have no problem with this as long as everything is done up front when we plan the season. We discuss the schedule with each individual in the beginning of May.


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