Per Elofsson Is Building Supercar

FasterSkierJuly 15, 2004

Swedish ski star Per Elofsson is known as a car buff and has now started “Project Streetfighter”

Elofsson, who has started the training to make it back into the international cross-country ski elite, also has also other projects going.

He has started what he is calling “Project Streetfighter” where he is re-building a Ford Cobra 2003 model. The engine is going to be increased to no less than 800 horsepower.

He is planning on having the car ready for the spring/summer of 2005. The very motor-interested Swede has also bought a fast two-wheeler, Honda Fire Blade 1000cc.

You can view the photos of the bike and Elofsson on and follow the development of the building project on Elofsson’s home page    

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