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FasterSkierJuly 15, 2004

Twenty year old Dasha Gaiazova skied herself on to the Canadian team after  a good season where she was a member of the relay team that captured bronze in the sprint relay at the U-23 Worlds. She is now a member of Canada’s Team 2006 following two years on the junior team. got a chance to ask her some questions.  

One of my favorite photos from last season is the one of you skiing behind the Italian in the relay and stepping on her skis. None of you lost a stride. What was your strategy in the relay?
– As I said above, I tried to ski up in front and push the pace, also, as far as the strategy, I am generally a good classic climber, so on every lap I was just sprinting as fast as I could up the hill and then pushing well into downhill portion to be able to get some space before the flats.

How much are you training per year and can you describe a typical late summer training week?
– Well, last two years, in late summer I was so tired of training that I just went to Cuba with my mom for a week of recovery before September. It really helped me to relax a bit and come back really motivated to train again. But other weeks in late summer are spent with lots of training, mostly rollerskiing, doing intensities, and skiing long hours up on the glaciers. Last year's trainings sum up to about 575hrs, so hopefully this year I'll push it into 600 or more.

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