DrylandRacingVeerpalu Beat Aukland In Rollerski Race

FasterSkier FasterSkierJuly 5, 2004

Anders Aukland was recently in Estonia for a rollerski race and was barely beaten by the hometown favorite Andrus Veerpalu.   

The race is called “Võru Roller” and is an 8,5 kilometer classic style race.  Aukland was beaten by a half second by  Veerpalu.

1.  Andrus Veerpalu 21.14, 9;
2. Anders Aukland 21.15, 4;
3. Anti Saarepuu 21.15, 8;
4.Priit Narusk 21.16, 4;
5.   Raul Olle 21.35, 6;
6. Jaak Mae 21.36, 4;


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