Successful Aalberg Clinic Held In Grand Rapids

FasterSkierJuly 4, 2004

Grand Rapids, MI

For the second year, John Aalberg visited the Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team
for a dryland and rollerski clinic. Over two days, we were again treated to
in-depth personal attention from one of the top coaches in North America. We
are extremely fortunate for this opportunity because John is a talented
skier who can teach effectively, and has many “real life” requirements of
his time; among them his young family and serving the sport as an FIS
Technical Delegate year round.

Last year I was struck by the tremendous difference in talent between John
and even our most gifted master's skiers. Having never seen an Olympic –
class Nordic ski racer before I was quite star struck by the whole thing.
Even the way he moves about shows you two things:

* God made John Aalberg, and he made him to be a Nordic ski racer, so He
endowed John with a heavy dose of rare talent for it

* John has done his part too in honing his God-given ability through tens of
thousands of hours of drills and countless kilometers over a lifetime of
training and skiing well and fast


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