Rollerskiing With A Double-Pole Expert

FasterSkierAugust 6, 2004

World Cup and FIS Marathon Cup skiers are athletes with strong individual opinions on correct ski technique. Skiing efficiently is critical for their results. They have all watched video, received feedback from coaches and developed their own style from years of racing.

Marathon Cup skier Fredrik Aukland (26) of Norway is not (yet) among the top skiers but is never-the-less considered an expert and authority on the double-poling technique. Good double-poling is of course critical for the results in classical technique racing, but the same efficient motions can also be transferred to the double-pole motion used in skate techniques as well (especially in V2, also called 1-skate). Fredrik’s knowledge and opinions on the subject are getting attention in Norway and he is invited to give a talk to the Norwegian Cross-Country Coaches’ Club about double-poling this fall.


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