Use A Helmet When Rollerskiing!

FasterSkierAugust 25, 2004

Norwegian cross country Sports Director, Bjornar Hakensmoen says in a statement that Unni Odegaard’s recent accident where she was hit by a car while rollerskiing should be a wake-up call for those who are too lazy or dumb to not use a helmet.

Roy Odegaard, Unni’s father is not in doubt what saved his daughter in the collision last Sunday.

– The helmet made the difference, he says. Unni had just started her workout when a car hit her on a straight road while classic skiing. A reminder that accidents do happen, any time. Hakensmoen says that this should be a wake-up.

– I hope that everyone has taken notice and will start using a helmet.

There are no clear rules for helmet usage on the national teams, but the coaches are engaged in the discussion.

– All the coaches are supporting helmet usage, but we are dealing with adults that need to make their own choices and decisions. Many of our national team skiers are using helmets, but it could absolutely be better, says Hakensmoen.


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