TrainingWorld Class Biathlete and skate specialist Lars Berger: How I train

FasterSkierAugust 11, 2004

Lars Berger has the last few years become a member of the elite group in the Biathlon World Cup. Her is also considered one of Norway best skaters. His training philosophy is built on lots of easy training and lots of intervals just below anaerobic threshold.

Lars Berger

– We have a period of some hard training before we go up to altitude. When we’re at altitude we seldom go hard, at least not above anaerobic threshold.

The biathlon team’s altitude camps throughout the fall covers much of the easy training, while the skiers go faster at home (and sea-level) in-between the camps.

When the competition season starts, the biathletes are used to a hard program, and it is normal to race three times per week (usually Fri, Sat and Sun). Mid-week (Tuesday or Wednesday) they do about 20 minutes of low threshold training, while the rest of the training during the winter is easy.

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