World Cup Skiers In 80-Kilometer Off Road Bike Race

FasterSkierAugust 13, 2004

The Norwegian national men’s cross country team ended their recent dryland camp in Halden by racing the 80-kilometer off-road bike race, Grenserittet (The Border race) from Stromstad, Sweden to Halden, Norway. Several team members raced well.

Best was Jens Arne Svartedal, he placed third in age group 25-29. The winner was Gregory Saw in 2.27,27 and Svartedal’s time was 2.28.47. Tore Rud Hofstad was 11 in the same age group with a time of 2,42,51. Jan Egil Andresen was 21st in 2,49,17

Anders Aukland was fifth in age group 30-39 in 2.27,44. Age group and overall winner, Halvar Barlaup’s time was 2,18,04. Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeseth was 11 in 2,32,40
Espen Harald Bjerke was 12th in age group 20-24 with a time of 2,42,29. Age group winner was Sigbjorn Moystad Fonnebo in 2,27,30

Other skiers in the same age group: Lars Bergerud 7th in 2,37,30. Lars Krogsveen, 11th in 2,40,25, Simen Ostensen 13th in 2.45,09, Martin Sundby 14th in 2,47,03, Kristian Horntvedt 23rd in 2,54,20 and Chris Jespersen 24th in 2,55,31.


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