130-Kilometer Long Rollerski Workouts

FasterSkierSeptember 6, 2004

Terje Monsen (47) from Molde, Norway wants to do well in the 90-kilometer long Swedish Vasaloppet marathon race. His goal is in fact to beat (all) the younger skiers from his area that are also traveling across the border to participate in the World’s largest cross-country ski race. Terje knows that “talk is cheap” come March and is preparing himself for the winter with workouts that can (at least) mentally scare his competitors.

Terje skied his last Vasaloppet ten years ago. He has decided to try it again and is taking it seriously.

– I’m no youth, but I feel like one and want to race and fight with the younger skiers in the upcoming Vasaloppet, says Terje Monsen

First of all he wants to beat the younger local skiers that are traveling to Sweden to do the race. They will have to step it up unless they are ready to see him disappear in front of them during the race. Monsen’s workouts are not at all for wimps.

– Once per month I’m doing a 130-kilometer long classic rollerski workout. It takes about six — seven hours. I have done four of these workouts so far and will do them throughout the early part of the winter. I want my arms to be ready for the roughly four hours of double poling in the Swedish forests of Vasaloppet and that should not be a problem when I’m used to these workouts. 

How do you motivate yourself for this type of long workouts?

– That’s no problem at all, I’m very excited and highly motivated.

The young (er) generation is herby warned!

Torbjorn’s comment:

Terje’s brother Arild Monsen was a member of the Norwegian national team in the eighties, making me believe that he knows what he is talking about and how to get ready for this type of race.



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