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FasterSkierSeptember 14, 2004

By Eli Brown, Fischer USA Nordic Race Service Director
September 2, 2004

Watch out! Fischer brings another strong and deep squad of athletes to the trails this winter. Leading the squad of US Ski Team athletes is New Hampshires own Kris Freeman. Kris, coming off two breakthrough seasons, and a great summer of training (over 90 hours on snow this august in New Zealand!), is coming into another exciting season racing for Fischer. Kris is now one of the top Fischer athletes in the world (member of World Cup Red Group) and is racing on the full Fischer system (skis, boots, bindings) exclusively.

Carl Swenson

As energy builds towards the Olympics in 2006, Fischers commitment to the US Ski Teams efforts is as strong as ever. Veteran ski teamer, Carl Swenson (NH), New comers Andy Newell (VT), and Rebecca Dussault (CO) as well as Kris’ brother Justin (NH) round out the team. On the Development team; Kikkan Randall (AK), and Lindsey Weier (MN) give us hope for the future.

Andrew Newell

Other Fischer athletes gearing up for another great year are US Biathlon Team members Rachel Steer (AK), and Sarah Granroth (ME). On the US Nordic Combined Team Johnny Spillane (CO) leads teammates Carl Van Loan (NH), Jed Hinckley (NH), Eric Camerota (UT), and Brett Camerota (UT). On the US Disabled Team Paralympic Gold Medalist Candace Cable (CA) is joined by teammates Bob Balk (CA), and Jonathan Arnow(NV).

Johnny Spillane

The Subaru Factory team is gearing up for another great season of Nor Am and Marathon domination. Veteran members include New team members include Canadian Ivan Babikov (top North American at last years Birkie), comeback kid Rob Whitney (MT), and NMU graduate Caitlin Compton (MI).
Andrew Newell
Carl Swenson

USST Development Team
Kikkan Randall
Lindsey Weier

US Biathlon Team
Rachel Steer
Sarah Granroth

US Nordic Combined Team
Johnny Spillane
Carl Van Loan
Jed Hinckley
Eric Camerota
Brett Camerota

US Ski Jumping Team
Clint Jones

US Diasbled Team
Candace Cable
Bob Balk
Jonathan Arnow

Subaru Factory Team
Chad Giese
Ivan Babikov
Nathan Schultz
Dave Stewart
Justin Easter
Eric Meyer
Rob Whitney
Abby Larson
Kristina Strandberg
Kristina Joder
Caitlin Compton
Lars Flora

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