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FasterSkierSeptember 30, 2004

New 100-Meter Sprint World Record, Skari Pregnant, Alsgaard Getting Married, World Largest Indoor Ski Arena Planed in England And More

New 100- meter World Record ( ) reports that Australian Paul Murray set a new 100-meter skate sprint record in 12.48. The old record belonging to American Andrew Newell was 12.76

Skari Pregnant

All Norwegian newspapers reported last week that Bente Skari (32) is pregnant.

– I can confirm that I’m pregnant and both Geir and I are happy, said Bente to Se and Hor  magazine.

Due date is in the middle of February

Mathias Fredriksson bought sport shop

Swedish newspaper Goteborgs Posten reports that former national team coach Magnar Dalen and national team skier Mathias Fredriksson have bought a sport store in Goteborg. The goal is to service the many XC skiers in the area.

Coach Thomas Alsgaard getting married

Thomas Alsgaard is going to be a coach at the Swedish ski gymnasium (high school) for one day. It should be a shot in the arm, said school coach Ulf Karlsson to Swedish Skidsport. Thomas is also getting married to Ronnaug Schei at Christmas time.  

Frode Estil: Stay healthy

2002 Olympic Champion Frode Estil made the following advice to readers of Namdals Avisa on how to stay healthy: change quickly to dry clothes after training and races, shower and eat as quickly as possible following workouts and competitions, pay attention to washing your hands before and after meals. Eat normal varied meals. Skip certain races.

World’s largest indoor winter sports arena

ANB-AP reports that the Olympic committee in Great Britian is supporting a project in Ipswich, where there are plans to build the World’s largest indoor winter arena. The center will feature Cross country skiing possibilities in addition to other winter sports.

– A center like this will make it possible to make the next generation of winter Olympians in several sports, says daily leader in the British Olympic committee Simon Clegg. 



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