Steira Won Norwegian Running And Rollerski Time-trial In Italy

FasterSkierSeptember 14, 2004

Kristin Stormer Steira won a running and rollerski pursuit time-trial on September 5th in Livigno, Italy. This time-trial was for the Norwegian women’s national team. The running portion of the race was 4.5 kilometer long and the skate rollerski section was 6-kilometer. Steira had the fastest running time in 13.33 while Kristin Murer Stemland had the second fastest time in 13.43. Sprint World Cup winner Marit Bjorgen was second overall and had (by far) the fastest rollerski time in 15.39. Vibeke Skofterud had the second fastest rollerski time in 16.22

Results: 4.5-kilometer running and 6-kilometer roll

1. Kristin Stœrmer Steira 30.06 (13.33/16.33)
2. Marit Bjœrgen 30.28 (14.49/15.39)
3. Kine Beate BjœrnsÃ¥s 30.52 (14.29/16.23)
4. Kristin Mürer Stemland 31.11 (13.43/17.28)
5. Ella Gjœmle 31.59 (15.06/16.53)
6. Vibeke Skofterud 32.47 (16.25/16.22)


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