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FasterSkierOctober 7, 2004

Andrew Newell of Shaftsbury, Vermont has been one of the top junior sprinters in the world for the past few years as a member of the US Development Team. After scoring his first World Cup points in Trondheim, Norway this past winter and winning the overall Nor-Am sprint title, Newell was named to the US Ski Team this past spring.

In addition to being a World-class sprinter, Newell is arguably the world’s best Nordic freestyle skier. And by freestyle, I don’t mean skating. I mean tricks: halfpipe, big air, you name it — Newell can probably do it. His jaw-dropping aerials leave onlookers speechless. He does what alpine aerialists do, except that he does it on skinny skis and cross-country boots and bindings.

Newell also has his own film company, X-Ski Films, which has just released its second film, American Skier. We recently caught up with Andy Newell to talk about all of these subjects. ) new movie American Skier will be released on NOVEMBER 1st on VHS and DVD.

The gnarly dudes of Nordic are back with their second action packed film. Their first movie Generation X Ski, released in 2002, changed the way people perceived cross-country skiing with its fast paced race footage, extreme tricks, and rocking soundtrack.

American Skier is an intense 45 min flick with tons of bonus footage and excitement. The film gives an up close look at the top level of cross country skiing in the world, including race footage from World Championships, the 04′ world cup season, and much more. And since it’s an X Ski Film you can be certain that it will have some jaw dropping extreme Nordic, and tones of laughs.

“American Skier was created to help inspire our country's skiers and get fans excited for the upcoming Olympics” says producer and US Ski Team racer Andrew Newell.

“The skiing footage in this film is miles ahead of our last movie. It’s made up of only top notch racing and gives you an up close look at the World Cups that you can’t get anywhere else. If you’re not on the edge of your seat during the entire flick you better check your pulse.

“The level of jumping has increased since the last film as well and there are some crazy tricks.

“The movie is great for getting people excited about cross country skiing, and it’s an awesome tool for looking at the technique of the best skiers in the world.”

By the end of Oct. customers will be able to order online at with credit cards for $20 plus shipping.

There will also be a big premier party at the West Yellowstone Fall Camp (date not yet confirmed).


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