Early Morning Running Intervals

FasterSkierOctober 9, 2004

John Aalberg, David Zink and I did an early morning running and running with poles interval session outside Park City, Utah in the beginning of this week. Here are some comments and photos. 

David was visiting from Colorado and was driving back after the workout while John had “work to do”. It was for that reason going to be an early morning workout and I was told to be at the parking lot at the “Red Church” at 7.15 AM.  Last week was pretty intensive for me with many hard workouts, strength and speed sessions, but I had decided to come along as photographer. Everyone showed up on-time with a smile and just enough coffee consumed to make you ready for “early morning intervals”.

Here is what we did:

Warm-up: 10 minutes

3 x 4-5 minutes  running intervals

2 x 4-5 minutes  running/moose-hoofs with poles intervals

Warm-down: 20 minutes.

The key in this workout was to make sure that we could maintain speed and intensity throughout the entire session. Running/bounding with poles the last two intervals is tough, so we had to play it smart on the first three “running only” intervals. We did so by running at a heart-rate that was roughly 20 beats from max. That is solid work, but doable for 4-5 minutes. We used 3 minutes as recovery in between the intervals and were able to do the entire interval session without slowing down or having to increase the recovery time. The heart-rates were a little higher on the last two intervals. A solid workout, but not as hard as a race. Today we could have done one more interval and that was the goal — solid but saving a little for “tomorrow”.



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