Glossy Picture Of Elofsson Is Cracking

FasterSkierOctober 12, 2004

It has recently been reported that Sweden’s former World Cup winner and World Champion, Per Elofsson just participated in his first national team camp of the year with the Swedish team and that he was optimistically aiming for the 2006 Olympics. It now looks like this glossy picture is cracking. Many insiders in Swedish cross country skiing greatly questions how realistic this might be. His motivation and dedication is taking a serious beating these days. The Swedish Olympic committee (SOK) seems to have “seen the light” and cut his funding on Monday. Per has a long way to go to be in top race-shape and SOK decided to stop supporting him for the 2004-2005 season.

It’s a recent report in Swedish newspaper Expressen that paints a new picture of the status of the former ski king’s situation. More and more people in Swedish cross country skiing now doubts that he ever will come back as a top skier. The Swede is according to the newspaper only training three to five days per week with low intensity and weigh almost 20-kilo more than when he was “on top”. Many doubt that the official goal about the Olympics in Turin 2006 ever will be reached.

– I don’t expect that Elofsson makes it back, says national team coach Ola Rawald. He describes Elofsson as “very untrained”.

Another insider source called what Elofsson did at the recent camp in Ramsau recently 'exercise' and not training. Everything now points toward Elofsson not racing this winter, at least not World Cup skiing. It’s also highly uncertain that he will be back at all.


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