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FasterSkierOctober 11, 2004’s “The Club” newsletter is providing actual, factual and new information on Cross-Country training and coaching. In-depth articles cover a wide range of topics, and will continue to do so through this fall and winter. The subscription year is May – April; twelve issues with 2 – 3 articles each month.

Take a look at the list of the articles we have published so far, which would be included for new subscribers.

1. Modern Double-pole technique (including photo sequence)
2. How the World’s Best Distance Runners are training
3. Modern Endurance Training (including research references)
4. Speed and Sprint Training
5. Summery of FIS Sprint seminar (including detailed workouts)
6. V1 versus V2 in uphill
7. Learn to hit the correct training intensity without using a heart rate monitor
8. The art of interval training
9. Norwegian Nutrition
10. From being good to becoming slower
11. Long term guidance for developing skiers (development ideas for youth and junior skiers)
12. 2003 overall World Cup winner's training plan
13. 2003 Word Champion and 2004 World Cup sprint Champion's training concepts

October issue (published next week):
14. How to detect and deal with over-training symptoms
15. Max strength training improves aerobic endurance performance

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We have received a number of great comments from our current subscribers; here are a couple of them:

“Thanks for the great articles – my husband and I are really enjoying them – we both coach…”

“I have benefited greatly from the training articles presented in this Newsletter. The VO2 max training piece is a complete reversal from the past, isn’t it?…”


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