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FasterSkierOctober 11, 2004

Fasterskier.com is entering its fourth winter of providing the latest ski training and racing news. We have strived to post articles of interest to young and old, elite and recreational skiers. We have posted news, updates, profiles, results, training and racing summer and winter. More than 50-60 monthly articles have become the norm even in the summer. The total number of articles that can be found in our archives after two seasons have reached several thousands! With all that said, we want to give you a chance to test you memory, recollection and knowledge from what you have acquired of “must know” from reading our articles.

We will occasionally post 5-10 questions and you can see if you can answer without having to scroll down below the last question to find the answers. Most questions will be from stuff that has been mentioned in Fasterskier.com articles, but we will occasionally sneak in some “specials”. Enjoy and think before you look! We’ll make it easy this first time…..


1. Kris Freeman (USA) skied a great race in the 15-kilometer classic race at the 2003 Worlds. Who won the race and which place did Kris capture?

2. Who won the 2004 Swedish Vasaloppet?

3. Who were the male and female winners of the 2003 American Birkie?

4. Who won the sprint at the 2004 U-23 Worlds?

5. Which two teams tied for Gold in the 1982 Worlds in Oslo, Norway and which two skiers skied the anchor legs?

6. The names of the male and female winners in the last World Cup sprint race of the 2004 season? Best North American male and female result in the same race?

7. Event and race length for the last international individual Gold Medal for Thomas Alsgaard?





Think — Don’t look yet!







1. Axel Teichman, Germany) won and Kris was 4th.

2. Anders Aukland, Norway

3. Cianantonio Zanetel, Italy (men) and Lara Peyrot, France (women)

4. Drew Goldsack, Canada

5. The Soviet Union and Norway. Alexander Savjalow (Soviet) and Oddvar Bra (Norway)

6. Male: 1.Freddy Schwienbacker, Italy — 15th  Andy Newell, USA

Female: 1. Marit Bjorgen, Norway — 2nd  Beckie Scott, Canada

7. 30-kilometer classic at the 2003 Worlds.


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