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FasterSkierOctober 14, 2004

Source: This report on the US Ski Team was provided by Team Today: WWW.TEAMTODAY.ORG
Oct 12, 2004

Soldier Hollow Running Time Trial


Torin Koos 16:29
Andy Newell 17:17
Zack Simons 17:43 PR


Kris Freeman 37:09 PR, course record
Justin Freeman 37:25 PR
Lars Flora 38:38
Leif Zimmermann 39:46 PR
Chris Cook 41:26
Vidar Loefshus *41:30 (the long way around)
Trond Nystad 41:40
Casey Ward 45:21

Just a perfect day.

Also setting PR’s were Justin Freeman, Leif Zimmermann and Zack Simons. Leif battled through some serious stomach cramps and put down an impressive solo sprint to the finish. It is cool to see someone throw down all alone like that. There was nothing on the line, no one close by to race in only me out there holding a stopwatch, a notebook and a pencil. And in charges Leif, running up the finishing straight like gold was on the line. And really it is.
Wendy Wagner tied her own 5km PR on the track — a good indication that she is back after suffering a tough year last year. She is back in the best shape of her life. She ran with Hillary Patzer who also set her PR on the track — but it was also her first 5km on the track ever.

Most of the other athletes also came close to their PR so, having not run much, we are looking at the results as a very good sign of improvement.

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