New Warming Hut In West Yellowstone

FasterSkierOctober 20, 2004

As was noted in a previous article ( ), West Yellowstone will have a very welcome new facility for the skiers at the Fall Camp this year. A new warming hut is currently being built at the trailhead.

Construction is underway and is scheduled to be finished before the start of the Ski Festival. The new building will include bathrooms, changing areas and a moderately sized meeting room. Anyone who has used the Rendezvous Ski Trails in the past (and changed out of sweaty ski clothes in a compact car) will be able to understand what a welcome addition the new building will be to the West Yellowstone skiing experience.

Loyal reader Bill Skerjanc was in West Yellowstone this past weekend and sent us a few pictures of the new hut.

Bill's comments:

Thought you and your readers would like to see what to expect when they go up to West Yellowstone's Fall camp…This is the new facility that they are building.  It is located right where the trailhead archway was.  It looks to be really roomy .  Hopefully it will be finished by the Fall camp.  I see no reason to think otherwise. As you can see by the sky it was a breath away from snowing .  It was 34 degrees at the time I took the picture. Snow is predicted all week long.



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