Get Ready For Racing With A Time-Trial Or Pace Workout

FasterSkierNovember 10, 2004

The race season has already started for some elite level skiers, while most racers get their season debut in late November, December or early January. The first races of the season are often a struggle, especially if you haven’t done the optimal training for racing which is time-trials or pace workouts.

By struggle I’m talking about having a hard time skiing technically well, not being able to find a good start speed and finding yourself starting way too hard and filling up with lactate or being  conservative, but not being able to pick it up.  Starting way to hard is more common than starting too easy.  The problem is that you don’t know your own capacity. Here are some ideas on how to add this racing element of time-trials and pace workouts to your training. The benefit will be being able to ski faster from the first race and continue to race faster all season. Why? You are now training to race faster and not training only to improve your capacity.

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