Great White North Ski Tour: Foret Montmorency, Quebec

FasterSkierNovember 24, 2004

November 10 to 14 were this year's dates for's annual early-snowtraining camp at Montmorency, about an hour northeast of Quebec City. As mentioned in my last article, Foret Montmorency (Montmorency Forest) might be considered eastern Canada's version of Silver Star or West Yellowstone. It has fairly reliableearly-season skiing, great trails and accommodationswhich are very conducive to training.

The accommodations, which are a campus of Laval University's Forestry schoolarefantastic from both training and culturalperspectives. Rooms are essentially dorm style: nothing fancy, but practical. Meals are served at very regular times inthe cafeteria. The all you can eat approach has been quite economical for forthose who consume enormous quantities of food.A slightly increased price per meal is speculated to have been caused's very own David Zylberberg, who typicallydevours 4 or 5 deserts along with several helpings of the main course. David hasremained steadfastedly determined andundaunted by the intimidating glare of the cooks as they pile his plate to abouttriple the normal height with roast beef, gravyboiled peas and mashed potatoes. It says something when the cooks of a forestryschool, who one would expect to be familiarwith the healthy eating habits of bush workers are no less impressed by theapetite of a teammate.

Moving on to skiing, the trails start right from the door of the wax room,located in the same building. As you canimagine, this is a convenient set-up. No cooking, no driving-just skiing,eating, relaxing and playing ping pong in thegames room!

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