Ski Technically Better By Incorporating Time-Trials And Pace Workouts

FasterSkierDecember 2, 2004

In an article called Get Ready For Racing With A Time-Trial Or Pace Workout posted on November 10th I discussed some physiological advantages from doing time-trials and pace workouts. Here are some technical benefits from doing this type of training.

To view the Get Ready For Racing With A Time-Trial Or Pace Workout article go to:

The article described in short how important time-trials and pace workouts are for developing a feel for the right start and race pace at any length race you are preparing for. It also mentioned that you’ll ski technically better after systematically doing such workouts.

Skiing technically better is what a wanted to say a few words about today:  ( ) if want to learn more about training methods and training ideas

How To, When To, Why To: A Norwegian Model Training Guide
By Torbjorn Karlsen and Ruff Patterson
The most important book for Masters, Elite skiers, and juniors ever printed in English. We worked with several Norwegian National Team coaches, Olympic Champion Bjorn Daehlie, and a former member of the Norwegian Junior Team and National Team to create this version of our popular training guide. The manual includes many photos. This book includes training programs, suggestions, and example weeks for each month of an entire year for Master, Advanced, Elite, and Junior athletes. Also covers all aspects of interval, distance, speed, and strength training, as well as heart rate testing, altitude training, and peaking. We've also included excerpts from Bjorn Daehlie's book “The Hunt For Gold.” Also included is information about how he trained as a junior, including training logs; and how he approaches training in general. He shares his views on why he succeeded as well. An excellent guide for your own training! 2000 Edition





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