Success in Continental Cup, World Cup and FIS Marathons: SOLDA Ski Wax And PRO-SKI Rollerskis Update

FasterSkierDecember 27, 2004

SOLDA Glide wax from Italy is off to a great start of the 2004-2005 season. The fastest skate time in a World Cup relay was recently done on skis waxed with SOLDA. Other great results on SOLDA includes first places in the three first races at the December Soldier Hollow continental Cup races, second places in both the men’s and women’s category in the first FIS marathon race of the season, a recent win in the Italian Cup, plus numerous top results in local races across the country. See below for details and photos and New Years Special on SOLDA at the end of article.

The snow in the pursuit race was a mix of dry/moist and the temp was 25-30F. The snow in both weekend-races was mostly moist/wet and the air temperature was 26-40 Fahrenheit. Beckie’s skis were in all three races waxed with one layer of SOLDA F-31 Yellow and one layer of SOLDA F-31 Orange as base. SOLDA Warm Fluor Powder was used as top layer in all three races.

The snow was colder and dryer during Sunday’s sprint prolog and SOLDA PowerJet 4 on top of F-31 Orange was used for that race, while the Warm Fluor was applied for the afternoon finals.  As a conclusion, Beckie had great skis and we did not observe anyone with faster skis. The clear winner of Saturday’s Soldier Hollow citizen race (200+ participants), John Aalberg waxed with F-31 Orange without any Fluor waxes on top.

La Sgambeda FIS skate marathon in Italy December 12: SOLDA skier Roberto DeZolt was second overall (1 second behind the winner) and Silvio Fauner was seventh in the men’s race, while Christina Pauluselli was second overall in the women’s race. This group waxed with SOLDA F-31 as base and used SOLDA HPO5 AND Warm Fluor powder (mixed) as top layer. Great skis! For great Savings on SOLDA Glide Wax see New Years Wax Special Below

CRISTINA PALUSELLI, one of the Italian National Team Athletes that have selected SOLDA ski waxes this season, won  the Italian cross country cup race last Sunday in Forni Avoltri, a ski resort on the east side of the Dolomites. and we’ll email you one — use the headline SOLDA PRICELIST.

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