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FasterSkierDecember 24, 2004

Note: This article represents the viewpoints of the importer/distributor of one particular glide wax.

At the TorbjornSport ( ) office we often smile, laugh, curse, shrug, sight, nod, point, etc. when we read claims, wax reports and press releases from various wax companies, importers and distributors. I’m sure there is a good chance that the companies we as SOLDA importers compete against have the same reactions to our claims.

Statements and claims like these are common:
– Blistering fast skis, world’s fastest wax
– the World’s best skiers are using our wax
– 4 of the top 6 men and 3 of the top 5 women were on “our” wax winning last weekend’s Super Duper Tour or the Mid West Marathon

Gabriella Paruzzi, Italian National Team and SOLDA user

What happens when a small company has a top skier on their wax?

Interestingly, last week we waxed the skis of 2002 Olympic champion Canadian Beckie Scott with SOLDA glide wax when she raced three Continental Cup races at Soldier Hollow, Utah
As a small company we suddenly had a top skier on our wax up against all the sponsored skiers and were not surprised to see that Beckie had as good skis as anyone (on SOLDA) and won all three races she raced. Beckie won in a dominating fashion and we didn’t see anyone with faster skis. Recent SOLDA wax reports from this year’s World Cup and FIS marathons tell the same story: Many waxes are similar and will give the same result. Put a skier on the right choice SOLDA wax for the conditions and he/she has the same chance of winning/making the podium/having the best race ever as when using any company’s best wax. The result might have been equally good on wax from other brands?
Price should matter!

SOLDA waxes used for World Cup podiums and to win at the highest level in North America this season.

Why you should try wax from company “C” and “D”

– Company “C” and “D” that might only afford to on a limited level support skiers below this level and have for obvious reason’s a tough time making “top ten” claims. A skier that normally would have placed 24th, but suddenly skied in to 11th on wax from company C or D might have had the fastest wax and skis, but the result is overlooked because it wasn’t top 10 and the company can afford to advertise or make claims about this.

– Company C and D’s waxes might be used by the World’s best skiers but a wax team will keep “secrets” to themselves especially if they find that certain waxes from small “unknown” companies are the fastest

– Some national teams might be paid to endorse wax from certain companies while they are free to use any wax they want. You will not hear about it if they use wax from a company that they are not paid for using or if they are paying to get this wax.

– Company C and D might have better prices due to lower advertising expenses, not sponsoring skiers, selling direct

The SOLDA and Rode Story
SOLDA glide wax and Rode kick wax are examples of company C and D
Gordon Lange and I are former National team and Olympic coaches and we decided to import SOLDA waxes because we didn’t and still don’t find anything to be faster. We saw that when we waxed at World cup races and continue to see that when we wax and race across America. We don’t see that our competitors are having faster skis and we don’t see that the racers we coach are having slower skis than their competitors. We often feel that we have the fastest skis, objective or not. On top of that we have great prices.
Coaches and skier we convince to “get on our program” becomes happy customers. We are receiving emails and phone calls every week, all winter from coaches and skiers talking about having had great skis “last weekend” on SOLDA.
– “I skied my best ever race, we won the state championship, or I finally medaled” are common feedback.
See Check it out!

Who knows about Rode kick wax?

It always amazes me that so few “average skiers” have never heard about Rode kick wax, but the answer is obviously the same as above- small company and tiny advertising budget. Rode kick wax (hard wax and klister) have for decades been used to win Olympic medals. The “inner circles” of coaches and wax technicians knows this, but not the general public. You might have thought that company A or B was used since the brand is hard to find and glossy ads from other company’s “dwarfs” the little or minimum advertising produced by Rode It’s still hard to find and virtually unknown to the general public. Why? Small company with tiny or no advertising budget. Same as above.

How can you find out what’s fastest?

Forget about claims; find out for yourself. Here are a few ways to test more or less accurately:
– Team up with a friend of equal weight and with the same boot/binding system. Give one of your skis to him and get one if his skis. You now have a matched pair. Wax one of the “new” pairs with wax from company “A” and the other with wax from company “C”. Make sure to compare apples to apples, by for example testing Fluorocarbon against fluorocarbon or cold powder against cold powder, orange high flour against orange high flour. Ski side by side and grab each other’s poles on top of a long downhill. Say 3, 2, 1, tuck and let go of each other’s poles. Go into a 90-degree in the knee, upper body and poles parallel to the ground, hands toward your face downhill position and glide as well as you can. Switch skis at the bottom, go back up and repeat. At this point you should know what the fastest wax was. Was it SOLDA? Now ski 10-15 kilometer together let the get some wear and pick up some dirt. Test in the downhills as described above. What is fastest after skiing?

– If you don’t have a partner but two pairs of about equally matched skis, wax one pair with wax from one company and the other ski with a similar wax from another company. Start from a set point and glide down a hill on pair one, and mark off where you stopped. Repeat the glide test on pair 2. Now mix the pairs and ski 5-kilometer or so with one ski from each pair. Which skis feels faster during the workout?

Check out SOLDA Glide wax at Go to for application guidelines and wax recommendations. We’ll be happy to recommend SOLDA waxes that will work well in your area and fit your budget.
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