Fastest Coach? Have To Include Robin McKeever

FasterSkierJanuary 7, 2005

We said in a recent article that Erik Flora of Alaska might be the fastest coach in North America. And Erik did post a top ten finish in yesterday's US Nationals race. But our Canadian readers were quick to point out that Robin McKeever is now coaching Foothills Nordic, meaning that any discussion of fast coaches would have to include the former National Team star.

The article was called: Erik Flora: North America's Fastest Coach? and posted on January 1 and included the following statement:

– APU assistant coach Erik Flora (31) of Anchorage, Alaska is both coaching and racing these days. Seventh and eight places in the recent Continental Cup races at Soldier Hollow, Utah might make him claim the title “Fastest coach in North America”. He is now gearing up for next weeks US Nationals and top-ten is his goal. Who knows, he might do even better than that. 

Here are some of the emails we received:

– Our club coach Robin McKeever is coaching about 35 athletes between our High Performance Group and Masters and is still placing top 5 at the Canadian NorAm’s.

– Perhaps you should put Robin McKeever head to head with Flora…Robin is the coach for Foothills Nordic and has several top 6 finishes nationally in Canada this year…

– You suggested that Erik Flora is the fastest coach in the continent. What about Robin McKeever? 4th in a World Championship selection race a few weeks back and consistently top 7 in Canada while coaching full time.

– Robin McKeever is Head coach of Foothills Nordic ski club based out of Calgary Alberta.  I think he is probably the fastest Canadian coach.

 Flora could be the fastest coach on the continent, but he also might not be the fastest coach in his own town. In local Anchorage races, Flora has to go up against teammate and coach Frode Lillefjeld and UAA coach Trond Flagstad. Both of those guys can compete with the best athletes in the country.

It would be great if we could actually set up a race with all of the fastest coaches on the continent. But until then, it makes for an interesting debate.


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