FIS Doping Expert Bengt Saltin Says That They Are In Control

FasterSkierFebruary 8, 2005

FIS has a control system that works well and doping expert Bengt Saltin in FIS’s medical committee predicts a clean Nordic World Championship in Obersdorf this month, reports Swedish

FIS has the situation under control ahead of the upcoming Worlds. Dyn-epo is nothing new, but it’s still not on the market. It can however become a problem for the 2006 Olympics if we don’t develop a test method. But dyn-epo is not a problem now, says Bengt Saltin

Saltin was commenting on an article in the Swedish newspaper Expressen which claimed that dyn-epo was going to be a big problem at this year’s Worlds. The article claimed that the doping controllers would have no chance discovering/catching dyn-epo cheating athletes.

– Our control system works well and we have a good chance of detecting doping if it should occur, says Saltin.

He admits however that doping might occur at Worlds

– Yes, but we have a very good chance at catching cheaters, and we hope that this will be a doping free championship, says Saltin.


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