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FasterSkierFebruary 1, 2005

The Boulder Mountain Tour (ID), Tug Hill Tourathon (NY), City of Lakes (MN) Frisco Gold Rush (CO), Alley Loop (CO) are all long races coming up this weekend, February 5 and 6, while the American Birkie is February 26. Here are some advice and suggestions regarding what to do and what to avoid in order to having your fastest ever long race.

The Training:

These suggestions are meant to be a guideline. Make smart decisions and adjustments based upon how you feel and previous training background and experience:

You are out of time as far as being able to improving your endurance if your main race is coming up in 4-6 days, so you need to work on getting rested and feeling good. You can however still improve a great deal if your main race is for example the Birkie on February 26.

You might find some useful information here as well. We’ll post more updated Birkie stuff as we get closer to race time.

Weather Forecast and Clothing:

Pay attention to the weather forecast. Protect all body part if it’s cold. Read last year’s article called:

Advice For Cold Weather Racing

Don’t ski without good warm, protective clothing and protective sport underwear, good gloves and warm hat if it’s warm but raining or snowing. Not being dressed well when everything gets soaking wet can easily lead to hypothermia and A DNF (did not finish)


Make it simple. Every wax company has several good simple glide waxes that cover just about every temperature and snow type possible. Focus on those if you don’t have lots of waxing experience.

From our brand SOLDA Glide wax available from TorbjornSport those are:

Warm and/or warm or moist snow at any temperature: SOLDA PowerJet 1 or 2

Medium cold snow at medium to low humidity or moisture content: SOLDA UF7 Universal or F-15 Violet and PowerJet 4

Cold dry snow:

SOLDA F-15 Blue or S-30 and

Most expensive powder waxes from SOLDA: Warm Fluor and HPO5 Fluor

The Wax Maestro

Also check SOLDA and TorbjornSport's unique Wax Maestro for recommendations:

You can get the perfect wax suggestion in a few seconds for free. or similar for the latest weather forecast and updates. Bring a few Cray-on waxes like PowerJets or spray-on glide waxes to the start area for quick and easy adjustment if necessary. Err toward waxing a little too cold rather than too warm. Don’t be afraid of adding structure/rills especially if it’s going to be warmer than 32 Fahrenheit.

Consider adding 2 mm linear rills if its old snow and 32-40 Fahrenheit and 3mm if it’s even warmer.

Consider adding 2 and 3mm rills if it very wet new snow and warmer than 32 Fahrenheit.

Staggered/cross rills can be added as well in combination with linear rills.

Call TorbjornSport at 435-645-8181 to order wax or log on to and order on-line. Next-day and 2-day air available.

Check for wax suggestions as well.

Some of last season’s marathon reports:

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