US World Championship Team Update From Trond Nystad

FasterSkierFebruary 18, 2005

This morning we heard from US Cross Country Ski Team Head Coach Trond Nystad in Oberstdorf, Germany. He gave us an update on the US Team at the World Championships.

The US Team had disappointing results last weekend in Reit im Winkl. Nystad explained why:

“We had no idea why Reit went so badly, but a blood test the next day, and the following sickness, explained it…sickness. Carl, Kris, Rebecca and I all got sick and had to spend our time in bed. We are currently trying to get people back on thier feet and then we will see how well
things go.”

Nystad said that the sprinters managed to avoid the illness, as proven by Kikkan Randall's win in a fun sprint race just prior the Championships.

“The sprinters are in good shape, but did not have the best day in Reit in Winkl either…tricky waxing, but we had OK skis.”

And of course, the US team is very pleased with Sarah Konrad's 24th place finish yesterday. But even so, Nystad says that Konrad has the chance to do even better, and he is looking forward to the rest of the team posting better results as well.

“Sarah Konrad had a great performance yeasterday, but can still do better. She is in really good shape. Andrew [Johnson] had a good race yeasterday as well…he was closer to the top 30 than he has been in a long time…one of these days everything will come together and he will surprise us all.

“When we get people healthy then we can give you a better idea of how we can do…right now the goal is to get healthy and then ski fast…we hope that Kris and Carl will be ready to start on Sunday and hope to see Wendy and Rebecca race fast tomorow.”

We also asked Trond about the atmosphere of the races in Oberstdorf.

“The races here are well organized and well spectated…the Germans have definitely gotten behind the championships on their home court…..lots of beer drinking and singing at all hours of the day and night.”


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