Birkie Success For SOLDA Glide Wax; Top Three Men and Top Two Women Used HPO5

FasterSkierMarch 9, 2005

Continue to read if you want to know what the top three men and the top two women used for glide wax base and top layers in the 2005 American Birkie.

Press Release From SOLDA Glide Wax:

– The entire Italian team at the 2005 American Birkie waxed with SOLDA Glide wax. They reported having great glide with SOLDA F-15 Violet and Blue Medium-Fluor as base wax and SOLDA HPO5 Fluorocarbon as top layer. The result was first, second and third in the men’s race and first and second in the women’s race on SOLDA! also called for SOLDA HPO5 as top layer. We had recommended SOLDA F-31 Blue as base layer.

SOLDA is available in USA from TorbjornSport:

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