Recover From The Season Before You Start Up Again

FasterSkierApril 15, 2005

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on in April 2005. We are reprinting it because it is a good reminder for this time of year.

April should for most skiers be the main recovery month. Some of you might have ended the season early while others raced until late March or beginning of April. The need for recovery is in other words very individual. An elite skier that traveled to races for six month and did 40-50 competitions might have a much higher need for complete recovery/rest than a citizen skier that raced 10-15 races. See our 2003 mini-series that started with Start working out now! for details and ideas.

It’s regardless important to have a mental and physical break. Starting too early without a break followed by a transition period back to normal training often leads injuries and an early summer burn-out. In other words don’t start too ambitious, save your energy for the summer and fall training. The goal in the spring should be to rest up for a couple weeks, followed by a gradual increase in training. One week or so of doing nothing is fine before you start with a few short easy weekly distance sessions and some easy weight room workouts. Toward the end of April, pick it up to 50-75 % of what you plan to do in an average week in May. This can include some sessions at higher intensity. Resume normal training from approximately May 1. The rest and recovery period can for the lucky ones include a vacation to warm climates. Other good ideas include easy hikes, naps instead of training, sleep longer than normal.

Enclosed are a few photos from our own spring recovery in southern Utah and to a local natural hot spring.

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