Spring 2005 NENSA Gaining Ground Clinic – Final Day to Register

FasterSkierApril 4, 2005

Visit www.nensa.net to register on line
Registration deadline: April 4. Dick Taylor, author of No Pain, No Gain and Dr. Don Christie, MD, chair of NENSA's Sports Medicine Committee announced as featured presenters. Click more for online registration (save $ by registering online), and clinic details.

NENSA Gaining Ground Clinic

Friday April 8 — Sunday April 10
Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT

I am pleased to announce that we will continue NENSA’s Gaining Ground Series of clinics from April 8-10 at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT.

This clinic will be a very special one, not only because of the excellent coaching materials that will be presented, but also for the beautiful surroundings you will encounter for the weekend. Participants will enjoy all of the amenities of Trapp Family Lodge including the beautiful guest rooms, amazing meals, miles and miles of trails, and the new conference rooms! Because of the amazing opportunity presented by Trapp Family Lodge, we have extended several options for registering, participants may choose to have a NENSA assigned roommate, participate in the clinic with a spouse or friend and share a room, enjoy a single room, or participate in the clinic while rooming with a non-participating guest.

Also new for this gaining ground clinic, almost all “modules” will include options so that participants can tailor the clinic to make it relevant to their coaching needs. The clinic’s two major focus groups will be BKL and elite junior development. Of course, coaches of junior athletes of all abilities can learn from the elite junior development models that will be presented.

One more note on the clinic. There will be very little on-snow time at this clinic. The plan is to focus almost all of the clinic time on indoor classroom sessions. Technique sessions will use more video and less “hands-on” and the major focus will be on training theory, strength theory, ideas for technique, and coaching/team skills. On the BKL side, the clinic will focus not only on teaching skiing, but also on ways that you can build, maintain, and improve successful BKL programs for the youth in your area.

We look forward to seeing you at Trapp's in early April!

Patrick Cote

NENSA Program Director

Presenters include: Dick Taylor (Gould Academy Coach and author of “No Pain, No Gain”), Dr. Don Christie, MD (Auburn, Maine), Pat Cote (NENSA), Dorcas Wonsavage (NENSA), Max Cobb (NENSA), Rob Bradlee (CSU), Jan Sibilia (JLS Sports), Jim Levins (Toko), William Farrell (KUA)



3PM Check-in begins
7PM Introduction in Mozart Room followed by:
Dick Taylor: Development Workshop. Appropriate for coaches of athletes of all ages.


7AM Breakfast in Dining Room.
9AM Session #1:
1. Janice Sibilia. Developing Strength for Nordic Skiing
10:15-10:45 Coffee and Snack Break in Mozart Room
10:45AM Session #2
1. Dr. Don Christie, MD. Nutrition and Hydration: Refueuling the Growing Training Engine.
2. Rob Bradlee. Classic Technique Progressions and Ideas for Teaching.
3. BKL GAMES (?)

Noon Lunch
1:30PM Session #3
1. Dick Taylor. Parents, Athletes, and Coaches.
2. Pat Cote: Goal Setting.
3. BKL-centered option.

2:45PM Session #4:
Rob Bradlee. Skate Technique Progressions and Ideas for Teaching.
2. Jan Sibilia: Top TBA
3. BKL Option

4:00PM Session #5
Wax Clinic with Jim Levins w/ boot-fitting workshop w/ Bill Farrell.

6PM Dinner

7:30PM Keynote Presentation. Dr. Don Christie, MD. Tracking Growth and Development. What Changes to Expect and How to Develop Training Programs Appropriate to these changes.


7AM Breakfast

9AM Session #6:
1. Dick Taylor. Speed Training.
2. BKL Option.

10:30AM Session #4: Max Cobb: Creating a NENSA Club: Why? And How?

11:30AM Session #5: Evaluation, Certification Tests, and Closing comments

Noon: Clinic Adjourned

1PM: Open to all NENSA Members: “Trek to Snow”. We’ll ski or hike from Trapp Family lodge to enjoy a final ski of 2006. Trapp Family lodge to enjoy a final ski of 2006.


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