No Wolf Mountain Challenge In An Olympic Year — It’s Too Tough

FasterSkierMay 22, 2005

Source: — Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen

Last years two-person marathon mountain challenge up Ulvskollen/Wolf Mountain in Skien, Norway became an extreme physical strain for Erling Jevne, Odd-Bjorn Hjelmset, Anders Aukland and the other racers. The race will not be run this summer, it’s an Olympic year. But the organizers have a new interesting concept planned for the summer of 2006.

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The race was originally about seeing how many times you could run up and down the mountain in a 24-hour period. Each trip is three kilometers up and three down for a total of six kilometers.
Last years challenge was a two-person, skiers-only challenge where each athlete ran the length of a full marathon with tag-offs after each trip to the top. The total vertical was 2500 meter for each athlete.


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