Per Elofsson: Dreaming About An Olympic Medal

FasterSkierMay 9, 2005

Source: that his motivation and dream is the Torino Olympics. He is not scared of the competition.

– I want to be a part of the top again. I have been hoping to make it back from day one of my problems and the desire to succeed is even bigger toward a big championship like the Olympics. I have a burning desire to be a part of that, says Elofsson.

Elofsson believes that it’s possible to come back despite all his problems with over-training and other struggles.

— I know where my maximum levels are and where I’m now. It looks promising, but I know that the last couple percent are extremely hard to reach.

When asked why he wants to go through this he answers:

– I can feel that I have some years left. It’s a privilege. The desire and motivation is still there and I want to accomplish more. If it’s realistic is another question.

Per is not too scared about the level at the top and only one-thing counts as important.

– An Olympic medal is what’s interesting. That’s my dream. I’m not looking for a tenth place, that’s not my motivation, says Elofsson.


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