Changes In World Cup Sprint Racing

FasterSkierMay 10, 2005


Norwegian newspaper VG and reports that FIS has decided to make some major changes in World Cup sprint racing. 30 skiers will qualify from the prolog and two World Cup events will have prologs that are twice as long as the finals.

VG’S headline was: FIS want to stop Norway
Norwegian sprint coach Ulf Morten Aune was quoted saying:

– I view it as recognition of the (Norwegian) skier’s performances that FIS need to change the rules to stop Norway.

The Norwegian sprint coach Aune is trying to see the positive side to the surprising changes in the sprint event by FIS during the recent calendar conference.

He is at the same time expressing concerns:

– I don’t understand the need for making the prolog in sprint twice as long as the course in the finals. It’s a total different event. You should add a 1/8-finale if you want to require more endurance. Thirty skiers are now going to advance from the prolog. I’m regretting having to see six skiers fighting to advance from the quarterfinal. A lot of strange things might happen, especially in freestyle, says Aune.


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