Bachelor Party Accident: Punctured Lung And Broken Rib For Svartedal

FasterSkierJune 28, 2005

Norwegian ski star Jens Arne Svartedal ended up with a punctured lung and broken rib in a boat accident at his bachelor party. He is now suing the boat rental company.


The accident happened at Svartedal’s bachelor party on June 3, when a 30 feet long rubber boat with a 450 horsepower engine that was supposed to bring the party from the harbor to the sailboat suddenly took off at high speed and crashed into a non-moving sailboat. Seven people including Svartedal ended up in the ocean. Both the rubber boat and the sailboat were used by the bachelor party.

None of the bachelor party participants had consumed any alcohol at the time of the accident.

The company that had rented the boats to the party claimed first that a malfunction on the rubber boat caused the accident. That story has now changed. It’s being blamed on the driver of the rubber boat.

Svartedal ended up with a punctured lung and broken rib and is demanding financial compensation from the rental company.

– Half my season is spoiled. I’m out for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. I hope I can get back in shape and make the Olympic team, says Svartedal to the newspaper Dagbladet. See story and photos at

Svartedal claims that Xpo Group, the company that rented them the boats and the crew should be liable for what happened. Expo group does not agree with this.


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