June 2005 Issue: Max Strength Training For Different Age Groups And Factors That Counts In Endurance Training

FasterSkierJune 27, 2005

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Wed Jun 22, 2005

June, 2005
Volume 2
Issue 2

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The June 2005 issue

This month we include two articles:

1. Max strength training for different age groups
– This article is focusing on practical ideas behind the modern max strength training theory (or the Maximal Anaerobic Power theory).

The article is our suggestions for: How to do max strength training, what age groups should do max strength, how many reps, loads, which exercises and benefits.

2. Summary of Physiological factors influencing performance in competitive Cross-Country skiing
– a brief summary of the different ways the body is influenced by endurance training.

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John Aalberg and Torbjorn Karlsen

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