Bjorgen Keeping The Golden Recipe

FasterSkierJune 11, 2005

Source: Translated by Anders Haugen

Norway’s Marit Bjorgen is not going to change anything with her recipe for gold from last year’s training plan for the upcoming Olympics.

Over the course of last winter Bjorgen was able to make things come together and prove to the whole cross-country world that she could win in any distance. She now wants to continue to use the training plan that has shown to give results.

-There will be no changes in the training load for the next season, explains Bjorgen.

Even though she is continuing with the same plan as before she is not afraid that her development as a skier will be slowed.

-If I manage to keep myself healthy and injury free I will be able to continue to improve. I’m already at a higher fitness level than I was at the same time last year, she says.

-I still have a few months left to develop myself before the winter comes and a lot can happen over that period, she insists.

Even though Bjorgen won almost everything there was to win last season she isn’t afraid this will affect her motivation for training.

-I became amazingly inspired by the results I got last season and it has just made me more motivated, says the Norwegian ski queen.


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