Norwegian Men’s Team On-Snow June Camp: The Training Plan

FasterSkierJune 18, 2005

The Norwegian men’s team started their June on-snow training camp Friday last week. Here is their camp program.


This is their second camp of the year and lots of volume training was on the agenda.

Coach Krister Soregard explains that they are doing one camp every month and that the camps are usually the hardest weeks of the months, but that there is not that much difference between the camp weeks and the weeks where the skiers are on their own. The camps usually end up being a little harder than agreed upon.

The Sognefjellet on-snow camp schedule:

Easy distance 2 hours

AM. Easy distance skate 2.5 hours
PM. Distance 1.30 — 2 hours + 30 minutes strength (stomach and back)

AM. Easy distance skate 2 hours
PM. Classic roll, double pole intensity 2-3

AM. Easy distance skate 2.5 hours
PM. Easy distance classic 2 hours

AM. Medium hard skate workout. Intensity 3 for 1.15 (plus warm-up and warm-down)
PM. Soccer, speed/explosiveness and max strength.

AM. Easy skate 2.5 hours
PM. Easy classic 2 hours

AM. Time-trial: 15-kilometer classic
PM. Recovery workout 1 hour

AM. Easy distance skate 3 hours


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