More Altitude Training For The Swedish Team

FasterSkierAugust 21, 2005

It’s going to be more altitude training for the Swedish national team, promises the new head coach, Inge Braathen. The team is leaving for their first altitude camp of the season in Ramsau, Austria on Monday.


– It’s important that the Swedish national team skiers get to train a lot at high altitude, says Braathen. The Swedish team has in the past not had the same focus on altitude training as their Norwegian colleagues. Braathen wants to change that.

– I have planned for more altitude camps already this season than what Swedish national team skiers have been used to, says Braathen.

Inge Braathen has concluded that the Swedes have trained way too little at altitude in the past.

– The national team skiers have trained at altitude, but it has mostly been in conjunction with peaking ahead of big championships. I’m looking to get the skiers to train at altitude more frequently since it has been shown that this improves the athlete’s performance throughout the entire season, says Braathen.


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